Better gas mileage:  AMSOIL synthetic oil actually helps improve gas mileage. For example, using AMSOIL with its high-quality composition, allows engines to run smoother due to less friction and drag than conventional oils. Recent studies show that AMSOIL synthetic oil can increase gas mileage from 4.5% up to 15% across a range of vehicles, weather conditions, and driving conditions. In this example, how much will AMSOIL motorcycle oil improve your mileage? There’s no definitive number, but an estimate of 10% is reasonable, thus lowering your gas bill and helping the environment..

Less motor oil consumption:  With AMSOIL synthetic oil, overall motor oil consumption can generally be decreased. AMSOIL synthetic oils isn’t a cure-all for your vehicle but it remains a very effective way for healthy engines to become even more efficient.

Extended oil drain: AMSOIL synthetic oil broke new ground as the first synthetic lubricant that introduced extended oil drain periods. Today, AMSOIL provides drivers with the best extended oil drain available. A change rate of one year/25,000 miles remains an industry standard, and AMSOIL synthetic oil saves consumers time and money while beating out the competition.

Other benefits of Amsoil synthetic lubricants: If you use AMSOIL, you’ll also benefit by greater power, superior wear protection, lower operating temperature, and low-temperature fluidity in cold winter environments.

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